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Cardinal Glass

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Spye was able to put all of our skills and capabilities into this project when the client summed up the objective to design and implement a Star Trek-like, state-of-the-art control room that doubles as a factory tour platform. Spye took on the entire design project and created a unique and powerful environment that has improved efficiency and user experience for the client as well as improve the client’s brand and communication capabilities with their visitors who range from high school tours to key vendors and high profile customers.


Spye’s design for the control room was about creating high performance design with integrated goals: reliability, longevity, usability and interactivity. The results are the client’s ongoing synergies of marketing and sales with the actual high function of high level observation and control simultaneously.


The multi-purpose control room environment is fully supported with several customized technologies which in turns supports custom content based on mission critical and marketing communications. These technologies are all in place according to the human interactions. Spye designed an expansive video wall that captures the high-def video observation with interactive capabilities for recording, tracking and adjusting every aspect of the raw material into the formation of sheet glass with extreme accuracy. The custom console is designed for optimal ergonomics and function with several AMX control panels that adjust the environment and the screens to accommodate three unique shifts each day including how the multiple-screen video wall organizes the views to a shift’s preference. A familiar iPad charges on the wall and equips the user to change room settings at the touch of its screen as well as controls the nine-screen video wall to convert from mission critical observation to plant resources to an interactive virtual tour of the glass making process. The durability of finishes include custom glass and terrazzo flooring that brings talk value to client tours and withstands the decades of plant operations.


The best results happen with the willingness to customize the process, products and experience and is the driver in advocating the best outcome for multiple users, functions and experiences.


Cardinal Glass



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