Content Is King


Our in-house creative team is made up of animators, producers, directors, and designers with a long tenure in advertising and media production. We believe that content is the soul of an AV experience, equipping Spye to translate creative concept into technical execution all under one roof.

Baker Center: Faces

A conceptual art piece in a corporate space that spurred emotional reactions on a wide spectrum.

Baker Center: Bumpers

As another feature of the Baker Center video wall, we were tasked with creating a branded, palate-cleansing interstitial to add variety to the wall’s playlist. The only direct ask from Transwestern was that the Baker Center’s logo roll across the screen at some point, otherwise it was a completely open brief.


This project was unique for Spye, as it was more of a traditional advertising spot as opposed to content for a screen installation.  Our content team’s background is in commercial filmmaking, so it put us right at home.

North Memorial X Fulton Gran Fondo

It’s always a good challenge to put our own spin on existing creative and bringing a beer-drinking wolf on a bicycle to life was, admittedly, pretty damn fun.