Interactive Digital Signage: 6 Elements of Successful Installations

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Interactive Digital Signage: 6 Elements of Successful Installations

What can digital signage do that print cannot? Digital signage is inherently more dynamic than its print equivalent but when coupled with an immediate call to action and a custom build, digital signage can become an immersive and memorable experience.

Invite interaction


Take this Coca-Cola installation designed by JCDecaux for example. This is an excellent implementation of digital signage for three key reasons:

1. There is a call to action: #coloryoursummer.

While a call to action this vague may not be effective for every company, it is inviting and engaging – it asks you to do something.

2. The interface is easy to manipulate.

The interface design is simple and intuitive which makes playing with it fun rather than frustrating. This is custom content designed specifically for touch interaction rather than repurposed web content built originally for mouse clicks.

3. The experience is unexpected.

Without straying away from intuitive controls, the result is surprising and rewarding. In this case, a free sample is given out but rewards don’t have to be physical goods. Photographs, competitive results, and information can be satisfying as well.

This installation positions Coca-cola as a fun and innovative company and the interaction between passersby and the installation is as much a part of the advertising as the hardware itself. Smiling participants and onlookers enhance Coca-Cola’s brand image by creating a cheerful atmosphere surrounding the installation.

Create a Challenge


Interactive digital displays are a great way to channel competition and drive engagement. This installation in the Under Armour Chicago Brand House designed by Activate The Space accomplishes both of these goals. Three factors make this build especially effective:

4. The experience is consistent with the brand.

The interaction is athletic and fits Under Armour’s mission statement: “Make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.”

5. The installation is approachable.

The directions are clear and there are very few barriers to participation.

6. The interaction extends beyond the moment.

Participants receive a follow up email and the nature of the experience lends itself to photo and video sharing which gives the installation a life beyond the initial interaction.

This installation is a great example of content dictating technology. By designing an experience, technology works to build brand value rather than standing alone as a potential distraction.

Whether this is your first exploration into interactive digital signage or you are looking for a partner to take your marketing concepts to the next level, Spye can design and build an incredible audiovisual experience for you, your brand, and your customers. Call us, email us, or just stop by our studio – we would love to discuss project ideas with you!


Photo Credit: Activate The Space


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