Baker Center: Bumpers

As another feature of the Baker Center video wall, we were tasked with creating a branded, palate-cleansing interstitial to add variety to the wall’s playlist.  The only direct ask from Transwestern was that the Baker Center’s logo roll across the screen at some point, otherwise it was a completely open brief.




We wanted to keep the through-line that was sense of place, but we really pushed the concept of having the interstitial to be incredibly different, visually, from the Faces content.  So, we developed the idea of the building’s coordinates in combination with the lobby’s nickname, “The Jewel Box,” and came up with an ambient, particle-driven motion graphics piece focusing on vectors and typography to contrast the bright, organic nature of the faces.


Traveler’s Companies, Transwestern


Producer: Margot Fleming

Executive Producer: Dave Clements

Art Direction/Animation: Tianrui Zhang

Creative Direction: Ryan Hanson


As the Baker Center’s lobby was about to open, many ideas ran through our heads about what the conceptual hook might be.  In the end, all the concepts carried the through-line of “location.” Building on this, we thought the concept of “coordinates” tied the past and the present together nicely, so we built the story around the coordinates of the Baker Center’s location.  To take the concept a bit deeper, the particle animation behind the alphanumeric figures is an abstraction of a star charts, referencing not only the building’s geographic location, but also its location within the universe.  The third layer to the animation is revealed once the baker center logos roll into frame.  The circular logos transform viewer’s perception of the chart-like shapes into faceted jewels, which is a nod to the lobby’s nickname among Baker Center tenants, The Jewel Box.