A Colorado-based startup called Confadent Oral Technology reached out to us to create a launch video for social media announcing the release of their new product.  This project was unique for Spye, as it was more of a traditional advertising spot as opposed to content for a screen installation.  Our content team’s background is in commercial filmmaking, so it put us right at home.


The Confadent team had a concept in the works, so they turned it over to us and we took it up a notch.  The focus of the concept was to juxtapose over-the-top melodrama with the stark reality of a life on the go, resulting in a fun jaunt through the land of comedy.  It was a great opportunity to work with one of our favorite writers and have some fun with our flavor of humor.


Confadent Oral Technology


Producer: Dave Clements

Director: Ryan Hanson

Animation: Kyle Franke

Writer: Johnny Moonlight

DP: Scott Regan

Edit: Dave Clements

Audio: Dave Russ

VO: Rick Reilly

Music: Magic Sword (Marmoset)


We created style frames to depict the story, our vision for the look of the space scene, and how the supernova would reveal the piece of gum. This helped to get Confadent excited for what the finished product would look like and served as a visual guide for the animator. We also created shooting boards for our live-action segment, which was on an incredibly tight turnaround and we needed to be as efficient as possible within our time frame. Invariably, there were a few explorations during the process that improved upon what we initially planned, and this project was no exception.


It’s always challenging to shoot inside of a moving vehicle, but put the right minds together and you can make some hilarious magic. Also, our actor had the freshest breath this side of the Atlantic at the end of the day. A little ingenuity and a never-say-die attitude go a long way on a tight budget.