North Memorial X Fulton Gran Fondo

North Memorial was a partner sponsor of the annual Fulton Gran Fondo bike ride and approached us to create an animated ad for their skyway-level clinic in Downtown Minneapolis.  Beginning with the event’s existing poster design, we created a concept that was tailored to the canvas’s unique aspect ratio.  We also created a 16×9 version for social media, as well as a post-event version, that gave the animation a longer shelf life.  It’s always a good challenge to put our own spin on existing creative, and bringing a beer-drinking wolf on a bicycle to life was, admittedly, pretty damn fun.


North Memorial


Producer: Margot Fleming

Executive Producer: Dave Clements

Animation: Tianrui Zhang

Director: Ryan Hanson


The illustration and design work was already established for the Gran Fondo marketing, so we took the assets and laid them out to fit the unique aspect ratio of the canvas.  Because the wall has no audio output, we made sure the action of the piece told the entire story visually.  Quick transitions made it easy to move from one piece of information to the next, establishing a clear hierarchy, and the copy built in to be dynamic and clearly legible.  This piece was also modular so that it could be repurposed as a “thank you” message once the ride was over, as well as being formatted into a 16:9 framing for use on social media channels.