Digital Walls

Discover the art world’s most mesmerizing new medium, Digital Walls. A canvas whose limits are on par only to the artists imagination.
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June 6, 2019
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Digital media use in art has seen an influx in recent years because of its engaging and captivating experience it gives the viewers. Spye recently installed a video wall in the Walker Art Center located in Minneapolis MN proudly displaying an 8 foot tall cat as it goes through its daily routine.

There is also the appeal that they have brought to a younger more tech inclined generation. Many science museums and libraries have constructed interactive digital walls to allow for patrons to page through photos and documents from the 18 century or show the anatomy of a cell with brilliant color and clarity.  

Apart from educational resources digital media offers, there’s also the efficiency it provides to any workplace. Digital walls allow for the limitless potential of artistic impression and the infinitely expandable world of technology.

One of the most impressive features of having a digital wall in your workplace is the seamless blend between art and architecture. Digital Walls and display systems are finding themselves all over modern workplaces. They are being implemented in conference rooms to allow for better communication between managers and their employees. They decorate lobby’s and main entrances providing a “cool element” unmatched by previous forms of media.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

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