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Spye was wrapping up a large AV integration project downtown Minneapolis when the customer asked us to solve a problem. They had a large common meeting space where they wanted to do some formal and informal town hall style meetings. They did not want to have a podium taking up space, nor did they want to have to store one and connect it every time they presented. Spye met with their project manager to define the best location for presentation visibility and to determine infrastructure requirements.
Michael Thornton
Design Director
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October 17, 2018

We then came up with a plan to use an existing structural pillar as a point where we could make a minimal, compact fold down podium to conserve space but allow for all the AV requirements to remain interconnected and ready for town hall meetings. Spye then moved forward with three simple concepts trying to target the desired look and feel of the architecture. The client chose the one they preferred, and we moved into design phase for quoting and estimating.

We have a wide range of vendors that we use for laser cutting, forming and fabrication. We also have a full shop that is used for assembly, testing and integrating technology into fixtures. When everything was said and done this was the final fixture that is comprise of a steel shell that has a waxed patina finish, laser cut logo with reclaimed oak fold down shelf. The upper most Tablet is an Apple Ipad installed into an Iport mounting station that controls Webex video conferencing, digital signage, cable tv and sound levels in the town hall room.

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