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Spye builds custom system to install a Planar 10.4 MM pixel pitch video wall.
Michael Thornton
Design Director
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July 31, 2018
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What you see here is a Planar 10.4 MM pixel Pitch Video Wall. This is a Matrix of screens that can be built at any scale. This one is comprised of 24 units that make one large 10 foot tall X 13 foot wide screen to suit our customers installation build out.If you look close you can see from the backside that this screen is somewhat transparent. That is due to its light weight carbon fiber design that has slits in its planar construction. The screens are rated for outdoor/indoor use with an IP65 protection rating. The 10.4 mm refers to the distance between the pixels. Which seems pretty far apart, but that is because this wall is meant to be viewed from 80′ feet away. At the corner of each individual screen you can see an aluminum mounting bracket, so if there is a pixel/panel failure, you can simply remove one of the modules inside the whole entire matrix and make the repair without taking the wall down or entire column. The individual carbon fiber units weight around 12 pounds apiece and make for a safe and simple installation when designed properly to suit the structure.

On this project, the requirement was to curve the screen over a large radius. We work closely with Planar to specify the proper panels to appease the visual and technical requirements. Spye then creates a cable schematic and engineered drawings to deliver to the architects, builders, engineers and IT professionals so they can design their structure and network to accommodate the video wall.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

Let us know if you have any questions about the right product for your own project.

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