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We take our commitment to maintaining our system designs seriously.

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Our goal is to give our clients predictable system budgets and uptimes that match the needs of their business. If your business relies on collaborative technology as a key component to your success, Spye is here to ensure that your systems continue to function as designed and provide your business with years of reliable communication.
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August 17, 2022

Spye service agreements

The amount of time and expertise required to keep an AV System running at its best can be significant. As AV Systems have become easier to use, behind the scenes they are more complicated, and often require software/firmware updates, maintenance, and adjustments. With the ever changing wants and needs of our clients, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate your needs and wants as they change.

We recommend adding an extended service agreement to your AV System. Spye comprehensive service agreements include unlimited phone support, remote systems monitoring, additional systems training, on-site service labor and extends the manufacturers warranties all at a fixed price. While Spye’s service agreement will give you the maximum uptime at the minimum cost, it will also yield predictable, future AV System budgets, taking the added expense (and worry) you may have experienced with previous AV Systems.

If your business relies on collaborative technology as a key component to your success, Spye is here to ensure that your AV Systems continue to function as designed and provide your business with years of seamless integration and communication with your employees and clients.

real-world example

Here is a real-world example of Spye’s commitment to keeping our client’s investment in technology current while detailing many of the factors that make our extended service agreement an invaluable part of your AV System.. 

Flashback, 2015. A long-time client of ours, Bridge Realty wanted their entire lobby wall, over 250-square feet to be used as one, continuous Digital Signage display. In addition to the LCD Video Wall System, they added a long-term, comprehensive service agreement for both Systems content and their 24/7 operational needs.

Good thing they did. Even with the System being state-of-the-art at the time, over the years some of the LCD modules failed while out of warranty and needed to be replaced. While there was some significant downtime associated with the failed panels, between the cost of the replacement panels, and labor they were on the upside financially with what the cost of repairs/replacements would have been vs. the cost of the service agreement!

There was an added benefit, as our relationship grew with Bridge Realty, and being their trusted audiovisual advisors, we were able to work closely with them looking at upgrading the System well in advance of the Systems end of life. This allowed Bridge Realty to forecast and budget the upgrade to the latest technology effortlessly with the Spye team, and with minimum down time for the transition.

Service upgrade to Direct View LED (DVLED)

Here and now, 2022, there have been major technological advances in the last few years in Video Wall technology. The latest and greatest are Direct View LED (DVLED) panels which have higher definition, are brighter, and lower in cost. This year we collectively chose and installed this technology to ensure the space can be enjoyed for years to come while reducing the time needed for routine maintenance. DVLED’s modular, front accessible, and hot swappable design also eliminates downtime when service and/or maintenance is required, which allows for more efficient service calls and a virtually uninterrupted customer experience.

We here at Spye make and keep a commitment with our clients to maintaining your Systems functionality. Designing, Selling and Installing your AV System is no longer the norm. Todays’ business landscape along with technology is like a moving target, everchanging.

To become a Premier audiovisual integrator in today’s vertical markets, you need to be agile. We not only have the ability, but we also have a team-wide positive mindset to handle anything, and we do!

Ready to work with us?

With a Spye extended service agreement you can have fixed and predictable costs while maximizing your Systems uptime, keeping your employees in touch with each other, and your clients. Let us at Spye become your trusted audiovisual advisor and integrator.

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