Having gathered experts from the AV industry under one roof, our goal is to give you the best ongoing technology service and support in the nation.

Jason Dirks

Service Manager, Spye

Our business relies on AV and collaboration technology as a key component of our success. Spye not only provides us customized solutions, they continue to ensure that we have usable and functional systems with their full-featured Service plan. They work hard to ensure that our technology is easy to use, works seamlessly across all platforms, and is always up to date. Spye is enjoyable to work with and the value of having them monitoring and managing our AV technology far outweighs the costs of a Service plan.

Allen Houchins

IT Director, Jamf


Our certified technicians perform daily monitoring every morning (Monday-Friday) to ensure your system is running properly.

With most issues, we can troubleshoot and fix remotely. If we cannot fix the issue remotely, we will notify the customer and set up a service ticket.

If there is an issue that we find with your Spyeworks players, we can typically fix it before you even notice.

Customers will also receive unlimited phone support, we are available to answer any questions regarding your Spyeworks players, Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm (CST).

Spye Service

Extends Manufacturer Warranty

Most manufacturers only warranty their equipment for a limited amount of time, signing up for a Spye SLA extends the warranty on your equipment for another year, that way if there is an issue with a piece of gear, Spye will get you back up and running with new equipment at no additional cost to you.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

With a Spye SLA we will schedule service calls periodically throughout the year to make sure that your technology works when you go to use it, we want to find any potential issues before you do, this will make your overall system performance better.

Priority Scheduling

Spye SLA Service clients receive priority scheduling over T&M clients, we have adjusted our staff to be able to provide world class service to clients who have signed on for that experience.

Includes Spyeworks Monitoring

Spyeworks monitoring helps your digital signage keep its best foot forward, we check each one of your Spyeworks players on a daily basis to make sure it is performing it’s duty.

Unlimited Phone Support

If you have an issue that we can solve with a simple phone call, it will save you time and get you back up and working faster.

Remote Monitoring

The newest Spye integrations are smart enough to tell us when they are having problems, this allows us to know as soon as something starts to go wrong. We will be able to start a service ticket and diagnosing immediately.

Unlimited On-site Service Labor

In-case there is an issue that we cannot help you with over the phone or remotely, we will roll a truck and get a qualified technician onsite to diagnose and repair your technology.


If there are components in your system that require calibration Spye will schedule time to keep your system perfectly calibrated.

Office Hours

If anyone on your staff needs training on your technology, Spye will send someone to personally work thru it with them and help them to understand how it is meant to be used.

Spye Service

Our goal is to be your technology expert, we want to help you succeed by giving you the best support you can imagine.

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