Mersive Sostice

Solstice Conference leverages the devices that users bring into the room, along with their video conferencing services of choice, to create a touchless meeting room experience.

No Vendor Lock-in

Works with most major conferencing services, such as Zoom, Webex, Teams and Google Hangouts

No Shared Room Consoles

With Solstice, users’ devices drive the meeting – no shared room consoles, dongles, or tablets needed.

Certified ZoomRoom Integration

Spye is a fully trained and certified ZoomRoom Integrator. As some of your staff returns to the office, we can provide expert consultation, services and equipment to keep you connected with your remote members without skipping a beat.

Optimized for Every Room Size

Boardrooms, Conference, Huddles, Exectuive Suites, Breakouts , and More!

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But remember – all of the excellent products in the world are only as good as the partner you choose to implement them. Spye can confidently say that we will provide you with the absolute best specs for your project no matter the size or budget. On top of that, we can set you up with a truly unique experience that includes custom fabrication, content creation/management and ongoing support services that are unparalleled in our industry.

This is how we make a great product into a holistic and valuable SOLUTION. Drop us a line!